Bird croaking like a frog mystery solved

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Shirley Hardy
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Bird croaking like a frog mystery solved

For at least 3 years I've been trying to solve the mystery of the frog croaking bird here in Tenterfield, NSW. Then last week, I think it was, a small family of birds were flying ahead of my brother and myself as we were walking along the road going into town. One of them was making the frog sound, then we realised there were Willy Wagtails amongst the birds. After the video ended the Willy Wagtail/s flew to the left further and these other birds flew to the right of us. One of them (to the right) burst out in song in the normal Restless Flycatcher (whipper snipper sounding call) song. From what I saw of all these birds together there was a darker and smaller bird that appeared to be a juvenile Restless Flycatcher which, along with it's parents was on the fence, seemed to be the one responsible for the frog croaking sound. It was definitely not a Willy Wagtail making the sound. My brother recorded this video on my behalf.

Just wanted to share this information with everyone.

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