Nesting wattle bird

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Nesting wattle bird

Hello every one
We have the great pleasure of a Little Wattle bird nesting in the middle of a clump of Ferns in our front garden. She is only about 1.2 m off the ground and has placed the nest fairly securely in the middle of the fronds.
It is quite close to the drive about 1m away and right outside our front window. Which is great for us monitoring progress on the nest.
My concern is that we will inadvertently do something to drive her away. We are being quiet and I have cropped the fronds which were being brushed by the vehicles when they passed. This did not reduce her security.
It is a wonderful experience for my wife and I so any advice would be very welcome. :-)
We live quite close to the ocean so we see lots of seabirds as well, Eagles, cormorants Oyster Catchers etc

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