Spring is here

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Spring is here

Currawong sitting on her nest

Magpie lark nest being built

Superb wren nest in my garden. Think there must be babies already in there as they are so busy finding food.

Owners of the nest


Shaking the water off

Bad hair

Galah eating seeds in the paddock

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Lovely photos. Well done getting the wren. They never seem to pause long enough for me. I love the bad hair pic :-)

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Yes,our wrens are all over the place at the moment too - love the bad hair picture, and good ones of the wrens too. We have Pale headed Rosellas in a nesting box at the moment and think they may be laying already, it seems a bit early. We have lots of scarlet honeyeaters around just now also, and the double barred finches are active. Must be spring!!


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Where are you Meave? Our PHRs seem very active just now too

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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We are half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane - the PHR's nested and produced four babies last year, we are waiting to see results this year. It does seem a bit early though, but they are at the nesting box every day morning and evening. She scratches around in there a lot, we can hear her from the other end of the verandah.


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