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hi guys

i have a range of plants in my backyard that attract a range of birds like cockatoos, rosellas and lorikeets along with honeyeaters and noisy miners. I recently read in a book that King parrots love a NZ plant called Bidgee-Widgee and as i have not yet been visited by this beatiful species of parrot i am quite keen on planting a Bidgee-Widgee. Heres where i need your help i was hoping you could shed some light as to where i could get one
thanks guys.

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Aceana novae-zealandiae - Bidgee-Widgee
It grows here in Australia, it's a burr that attaches itself tenaciously to your socks and your dogs - so watch where you plant it.

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At my parents farm the King Parrots like the olive trees and the white cedars.

Not quite as annoying as burrs!


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i have had the pleasure to watch these beautiful king parrot birds in my garden. and they feed on the seed pods of the indian bean tree as well as the sunflower seeds i leave for the rosellas.
unfortunately i do not have the scientific name for the tree at hand. try the net or nursery.

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Indian Bean Tree - Catalpa bignonioides

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