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Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum, I came across a Darter in Parramatta park on sunday, It was at the weir on the northern most end of the park. At first i thought it had something it had caught in its mouth, but when i got home and had a closer look I think it may have had something wrapped around its beak.

I know these birds fish by stabbing their prey so i can see how this could easily happen (especially in the very rubbish ridden Parramata river)

I watched this bird for what must have been half an hour or more and it did not eat what I thought must have been a bug or small fish.

here are a couple of pics of it

and a close up

Should i report this? if so who to?


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Hi Pete,

I am currently working out who to contact. Could you please email me at

with some details about where exactly it was?


 and   @birdsinbackyards
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