Fox control at Local Swamp/Water Areas

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Fox control at Local Swamp/Water Areas

Hello Bird Friends

I thought I would make mention of this, as it may make more people aware that such problems could exist close to home.

We live near the Bird Swamp, Bunbury in WA which is monitored and taken care of by council environmental officers and by volunteer workers who help revegetate, clear any rubbish..etc.

It is false to think that they will be on top of every problem that may surface. Over the years we have had foxes come into the city, entering via a bush/creek corridor that stretches many k's outside the city to the outer suburbs and into bushland.

I can't tell you how terrible it is to hear the birds screaming in the middle of the night and into the early morning. It is disturbing to hear our large variety of native ducks, black swans, swamphens, coots....a lot of these nest near the waters edge and on islands within the swamp area. As a resident of the area I actively listen for any signs of trouble and report to the NRM Community Support Officer. The response is usually quick.

I am pleased to say that my persistent calls for action has made council put in place a regular pest control plan. They have set aside the work of trapping foxes to be carried out spring and autumn. Last year they removed two foxes. However, I continue to monitor the situation each night and report of any activity heard. A week ago I again reported that foxes were active. It helps to give them an idea where roughly it seems to be happening in order to help them identify the path these predators are likely to take.

Response received today:

The Pest controller engaged by the City of Bunbury reports that there are fox/es active but not resident at the swamp and suggest that the animal/s are visiting the swamp about every 5 - 14 days.

Tracks have been recorded on 2 islands and on vacant properities at the east of the swamp. Trappers are now undertaking regular inspections of traps that have been set on these Islands.

Thanks to those people who have reported observations or incidences attributed to foxes. These reports are useful and assist the trappers in determining the habits and locations of the animals.

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Credit to you. Great to hear of someone actively protecting our beautiful birds when so many would ignore the situation. Also pleasing to hear the authorities take notice. Keep up the great work!

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Just an update on previous post. One fox was caught in July last year and one just before Christmas.

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Just did a google and found a couple of stories that may provide interest. The fox has placed a good number of birds closer to the endangered list-

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