Koel growth

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Koel growth

For the last month and a half I've been raising a Koel. I thought I'd share some of the pictures - it's unbelievable how fast they grow.

The day of arrival.

Day three.

Day eight - note the huge feet.

Day fifteen. Now perching.

Day twenty seven, in the outdoor enclosure. Flying well by now.

Day thirty three, for an idea of size. The day we released him/her from the enclosure.

Picking grapes.

Currently, the koel is still coming back for feeds. I was staggered at how fast this bird grew - doubled in size over a week! Amazing.

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awesome stuff! :) We had one in care two years ago, not a tiny chick though, but about half size. Absolutely gorgeous birds aren't they? :)

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wow.... aren't they just stunning looking birds? Well done for getting it to that size and health...now you know how the poor figbirds\ feel...at least you were bigger than your charge!

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Yeah, we actually called it Ick when it arrived, because it was an ugly little baby. The name isn't really appropriate now that it's a lovely bird, with such a beautiful long tail.

They do eat an unbelievable amount though, (notice how it's begging in most of those photos), I have no idea how the poor hosts manage. It's almost worrying to spend $40 on fruit I have no intention of eating myself. It has expensive tastes - papaya and mangos are amongst the favourites.

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