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Save our Birds

I am no expert, just passionate about birds. It's been a couple of years that I've taken a great interest in birds. The dangers and challenges they face in an ever changing environment seems to be getting harder and harder. Keep your eyes peeled at all times when driving.
It is a wonderful thing to know that when you do come across a sick, injured or orphaned bird, there is a special wildlife carer near you who can give the bird exactly the treatment it requires. By ringing The Wild Care Helpline - (08) 9474 9055as soon as possible they will provide the location of your nearest voluntary carer. They also take care of other wild animals.

In the heat of summer it is important to act quickly.

The website below is particularly good in that it will tell you what to do if you find an animal. Please post other sites and mention any books that are worth looking into.

If you want to read a book on the subject -

Caring for Australian Native Birds by Heather Parsons.

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I might add, if you're in Melbourne you can join Wildlife Rescuers to help with bird rescue and care - they are in desperate need of more volunteers.

You can view the website at

Wildlife Rescuers are part of a larger group - Wildlife Victoria who run a 24hr emergency phone line for reporting sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The number for Wildline is 1300 094 535.

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thanks to you both for sharing this info that, hopefully, will save some people a lot of time when time is short.

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