Young Dove?

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Young Dove?

Hi I'm new to this site.
I live in the Southern Tablelands NSW and this morning while gardening a young bird flew onto my wheelbarrow. I realised it couldnt fly proply, gently picked it up and now have it in a cage.
It is beige in colour, resembles a dove, long narrow beak it is just starting to grow neck feathers.
I would like to know how to care for it until it can fly properly. If anyone knows from the above info what this bird could be or has photos so I could identify it this would be greatly appreciated.
Denise xxx

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I'm not a wildlife carer (but I know some).

Geberal tgubjubg seens to be if the bird is not injured, you don't need to "keep" it.

If it is still being fed by parents then they will be hanging around looking for the youngster.

You just need to get the bird up off the ground (so cats can't get it) in the same area it was found.

You could do this by placing it in an icecream container in a tree. Put drainage holes into the plastic so the bird doesn't drown if it rains!

Let us know how you go...


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Sheesh! What was going on with my typing there. The firt line should read:

General thinking seems to be...


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