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juv. noisy miner

Hi all,

I have a juv. noisy miner chick who I've been looking after for around two months. Two days ago when I got him out of his cage to have a fly around (I do this every 2-3 days for exercise) I noticed that he won't weight bear on one of his legs at all and that he won't close his mouth. I felt the whole way down his leg and claws and couldn't feel any breaks or dislocations, he didn't seem to mind me touching it. He doesn't have laboured breathing, his nostrils are clear and he isn't sneezing either. He is eating and drinking with aid as he won't close his beak even to pick up food. Other then this he is acting completely normal, he chatters to me and hops around on one leg. I'm concerned about his strange behaviour and would be very upset if somthing were to happen to him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


One thing I notice is that with the young Indian Mynas they always keep their mouths open, and as for the leg, maybe he has a splinter(?) in the claw or something, or maybe he prefers one foot. Might wanna wait for one of the people better with birds. Hope this helps

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Wish I could help, my only advise is to get advice from a vet. There is usually a local vet that treats wildlife for little or nothing otherwise you should contact WIRES. Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull.

See Yez

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Thanks to all for your support. Unfortunately the little bird died, we think it was a problem with his brain because he began losing the ability to use other body parts too. He didn't seem to be in pain which was good. Wish we could have kept him alive a little longer but he lived a good, albeit short, life.

Thanks again

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