sick wild lorikeet

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sick wild lorikeet

I have a sick rainbow lorikeet in a cage. It looks like it is having trouble breathing at times. This is not the first I have found. So far no other wild birds are having any problems. What should I do?

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If it were me, I would ring a wild life carer and see if they can take the bird.

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Hi stickybeak, have you found any dead birds? I think it should be investigated, what the cause of death is? No idea, where you live, if you find a "good" vet, or one of the AECs (Animal Emergency Centres) might be willing to do tests. If there are more birds with the same symtoms, it looks suspicious.


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What are you feeding it now? They should only eat nectar or a special wet or dry mix, they can not digest seeds properly and by having a diet of seeds, this could make it very ill. I live in Bellbird, NSW, if you were near to me, I could take a look at it for you and may be I could care for it, I have the special food that they require as I keep and breed Rainbow Lorikeets. Give me a call PH: 0432 578064

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