Bird on unoccupied block

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Bird on unoccupied block

I have seen these birds a few times on a block of land that is Brisbane

I am wondering what these are..

I had to hide behind a timber fence and take a photo with my phone to get close enough.

appreciate any help...thanks

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Bush stone curloos.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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Wow I figured they might be that ..I couldnt remember the Curlew see the pair in this unoccupied block

it has bushes at the edges..they hide in there during the day...and you certainly hear them at night!

at night we also get owls around here

and the annoying certain times of the year calling constantly

Plus some kind of Night Heron prowling the streets late at night...they look weird..with the long beak and necks ( close to the Brisbane river)

Thanks ...

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