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#BirdTheFeckAtHome Facebook page

Hi all.

Hope your not too bored with not being able to get out so much. Here is an idea which might help pass the time. It's a little bit light hearted, and good fun, but can also be serious.

A new Facebook group has emerged called #BirdTheFeckAtHome (link below). Currently over 1500 species sighted (world wide) from members backyards or lockdown place. To make the list, you must be the first to see or hear a species and record it onto the list. Hundreds of members worldwide (expanding everyday), posting some amazing species, with also some great photos. You can post species "outside the rules", but they don't count for the lists. Periodically the admin team will have challenges, just to make it a little more interesting (they had a Big Sunday challenge, where a separate list was created for Sunday sightings only - with different time zones it was cool to watch numbers grow over time).

Anyway if your interested, have a look and join (you need to be a member to post I think). Just in case you wondering, I have admin approval to post this link

And please don't forget to post some of your photos right here on BIBY, we have gone a bit quiet, and really want to keep this site ticking over during difficult times!


Stay safe and happy birding!


ps, thanks Sue for pointing this group,out to me!

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Pleased to hear that you are enjoying the challenges, Dale. Nothing much is appearing in my backyard (as even the far away flowering gum has finished) so I have been getting my bird 'fix' by seeing birds from around the world on this site. I'll have quite a list of places to visit once things settle.

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Thanks Sue a couple of Blackbirds and Superb FWs is all ive seen, got excited when Yellow tail black cockatoo flew over but couldn't see them.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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