Birds Poisoned

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Birds Poisoned

Sadly, this weekend I have found in my own yard two paralysed lorikeets.  The first one died quickly, the second writhed in agony until I could get it to a vet.  He humanely put the little creature to sleep.  He thinks the cause was poisoning, and explained the dangers of household poisons like weed killers, rat poison, insecticides, and so on.  Sometimes birds can last up to a week in pain, unable to get to food or water, dying a horrible death.   I have put the story of these two little birds up on Facebook as a message to people to avoid these poisons that can and do kill wildlife.  Apparently there was nothing anyone could have done to save the birds.  How else can we spread the message?

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Thanks Karen, I hope many people read this.

I don't use any of those "killers", my house isn't clean, you will find spiders and their webs everywhere, I catch mice with one of the "wind up, catch all" boxes, it doesn't kill them, and I take them far from the house and set them free.Those poisoned mice and rats suffer for days while their inside bleeds and desolves slowly.

People go nuts over a few flies, and get the sray out. No wonder children have astma and allergies.

The only poison we use (unfortunately), is round up. Just on the drive because it is too long to weed by hand, only once a year.


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We also need to be aware of poisonous plants in our garden. The site has a link to newsletters. If you look at Edition 9, pages 3,4 & 5 there is some interesting reading.
It lists Oleanders, Rhododendrums, Azaleas, Lily of the Valley and Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna) being toxic to Joeys. I also recall one edition mentioning the sudden death of some birds, but could not find this article. Most birds and animals know instinctively what they can eat, but if they become confined or restricted in food source, they may eat anything. These plants would also be toxic, if mulched (picked up with lawn clippings, and then fed to birds or animals). Not sure what effect composting would have on their toxicity, but not worth the chance? I have had experience with Deadly Nightshade being fatal to Humans ( boiled up and consumed like tea). Many plants are used for human medicine, and like any medicine, you can overdose. Edition 1 also has another similar article. Also recall banana peel being fatal to brush tail possums, but it was more a spray used to control ripening, than the peel itself. We have little or no control over chemicals which we expose ourselves and our wildlife to.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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We do live in a highly toxic world, don't we.  Thankyou for the comments.  I am pleased to report that no further birds have dropped in, though that's just my yard.  I don't know if anyone else in the area had sick birds dropping into their yards.  I hope its over now.

Brisbane southside.

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A timely reminder, Karen.

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Had you seen this article about what was happening in Melbourne last year? It may have some relevance to these birds.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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I hadn't read that particular article, but have read similar, Alison. 

Brisbane southside.

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