Black Faced Monarch slash Rufous Whistler

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Black Faced Monarch slash Rufous Whistler

Last week I saw a small bird that reminded me of a male Rufous Whistler, which I have seen in the area before, but it definitely had no white on its throat. I have looked for similar birds and the only other bird that's close is a Black Faced Monarch, but it doesn't seem quite right either.

(I have no photo, I was in a canoe in a fairly quickly flowing Goulburn River and I wasn't game to take my camera).

Has anyone got suggestions and/or photos that might help me compare from memory?


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Roger i have a photo of an immature Black-faced Monarch. I think it is. Hope this can help.



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The bird I saw was around that size, but I think it had a darker head and a much browner rufous? breast. ... But it could be. Thanks for the photo.

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