Black-throated Finch - Winner - Australian Bird of the Year

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Alex Rogers
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Black-throated Finch - Winner - Australian Bird of the Year

The lobbying is over, the votes are in, and despite barracking by a certain Dr Holly Parsons (who, to be fair, is the Urban Birds manager at Birdlife :-) ) the winner is the Black-throated Finch!

Was the poll hijacked by "pure, enlightened and woke capital-city greenies"? Have any of those pinko communist chardonnay-sipping chattering classes ever seen a black-throated finch? 

As a card-carrying inner-city resident myself, I can't claim any purity, enlightenment or woke-dom, and unfortunately must confess to never having seen this beautiful bird. And shame of all shame, I confess to not having voted in this poll - this time not because I felt unrepresented by any of the offers on choice (as usual) but because it was too hard for me to pick a genuine favourite, there are so many birds I love on that list. 

But I'm surprised and pleased by the final winner, which I hadn't seen coming - as it sends a little message to anyone who cares that our favourite birds are those most in need of protection. I promise I'll use my democratic vote next time. 

What do you think? Does anyone care outside Guardian readers?

Photo credit Dominic Sherony CC BY-SA 2.0

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Congratulations to the Black-throated Finch. Hopefully, their prize money, generously contributed to by Adani & their backers in various Australian governments, will secure their existence. 

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