Blue Banded Bee

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Blue Banded Bee

First time seeing one of these bees , had to look him up on the internet to find out his name.

Annie W
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In Kings Park too shoop?  Awesome shots!  I've never seen one of these either - and a beautiful native bee to boot!!  I adore the Bumblebees in Tas - to look at that is - but still wish they hadn't been "accidentally" introduced.

These Blue-banded Bees are so pretty.

West Coast Tasmania

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Awesome stuff shoop.

I love these guys too, they're kind of chunky and pretty at the same time.

They seem to love the basil flowering at my place, but I haven't seen them around yet this summer. These guys are apparently solitary bees that dig their "hives" as tunnels into mud and soil banks.


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Sometimes not so solitary, timmo. I counted about 60 blue-banded bees on the flowers of black anther-flax lily Dianella revoluta on one occasion. In spring & summer we get two or three on our Eremophilas. No sign of them in the colder months.

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Great photos, We had one in the garden today, my wife tried to get some photos on her ipone .HA some hope! by the time I dug out a macro lens and got back it was gone but now I'll be watching for it.

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at least they suit the haloween theme , this little guy looks like he has one of those skeleton suits on.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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Wow, they're really cute. Great pics too, btw.

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