Blue Tongue Lizard

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Blue Tongue Lizard

I found this little guy in my backyard on Sunday, they're extremely calm and don't even mind being touched a little bit :)
Full body view

Snake like head

Can in case any of youse have wondered what a blue tongue's foot looks like

Also at my Grandmother's there was a young heifer which got in through a whole in the fence up the paddock. I didn't get too close as it still has its horns, and when it began moving I bolted as fast as I could down the paddock over the fence to safety :)

Lol, scared me so much at first when i thought it was a bull!


I'll try again

And the heifer

birdie's picture

Hey Amateur... great shots of the bluetongue. I love all those reptile things, they are so prehistoric aren't they?
As for the heifer ..... oh yeah... she looks really scary....LMAO :')

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