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Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary video

Hi all, as some will know, we do wildlife rescue on behalf of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. If you don't want to read the entire post, I ask that you at least check the video out. Posted with Holly's permission, as there is some advertising material contained as well.

Currently Greg Irons and the team are raising money to establish a Wildlife Vetinary Hospital. Last I heard they had over $70,000 toward the estimated 200,000 needed. This is relying on donations of old equipment from existing vet surgeries. They have already secured the services of a vet for 3 days a week at this stage. They have also just completed a $70,000 Sea Bird rehab enclosure including a salt water pool. This was done with the assistance of a large company.

Anyway, as part of the fund raising efforts, a photographer is assisting in raising awareness, and vital funds for the cause. Below is a "behind the scenes" video of one of the photo shoots. I am not asking for you to donate to the cause, but thought you might enjoy the video.

And while the photographer is probably still making some money, a large percentage from sales (a limited edition series of prints, featuring 3 of the joeys from the video) goes directly to Bonorong. The results are astounding. Next year there will also be some photography workshops, specifically with DSLR cameras and wildlife. Again $100 dollars (out of 495) goes to Bonorong. These courses are conducted over several days.

The animals in the video a largely those which have been rescued by people like us, and raised by wildlife Carers. The scene where the Tawny Frogmouth flies, is typical of one of the methods we use to assess a birds ability to fly - inside, room with curtains drawn. It looks a little unruly, but we can potentially lose a bird, which may still need Vetinary attention, should we attempt this outside, or in a less secure area.

Some of the animals (such as Max the wombat) will be released, while others are used for captive breeding programs (animals unsuitable for release), and of course public display. Bonorong relies heavily on tourist dollars for it's operating expenses, in rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured wildlife. Some of the Devils are kept for the "insurance population" (Devil Facial Tumour Disease), while others are released back into the wild.

Koalas are not native to Tasmania, but in the interests of attracting tourists (particularly from overseas) they are apparently a essential part of any wildlife park these days.

If you want more info on Bonorong, you can google, or "like" on Facebook. This will also link you to Houndstooth Studios, which you can also follow on Facebook.

Please enjoy.

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Thanks for posting the video, it was interesting to watch. I hope the sanctuary goes well and you(se) manage to rase enough money. 

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Excellent promotion. Every time I looked into those eyes I could see that special touch of paradise.

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Fantastic promo, and absolutely brilliant talent!  Thanks for sharing this Dale!

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