Brown Screeching Bird!

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Brown Screeching Bird!

<p>I have this brown bird with completely light blue eyes i think it has a problem with its eyes because i cant find any bird species with eyes like that but he comes around and takes my dogs biscuits and it makes this horrible screech noise its so loud but its not any type of owl or anything i cant find anything like it! Im going to try and get a photo of it.

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Hi Tyler, is the eye blue or the ring or skin around the eye? Would also be useful to know your location - state, city or town to narrow the search. For example a Blue Faced Honey Eater has blue around the eye, although I doubt they would take your dog's biscuits.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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The only brown bird that I know that has a horrible screech is the channel-billed cuckoo. Its eyes, however, are very red. (so are mine because the sods wake me up at 5am!)

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Not sure about the screech, but a female satin bowerbird mostly fits the description.

(Assuming you're in Australia, and the relevant part of course).


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