Brown bird in South Australia

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Brown bird in South Australia


This bird was in bushes near the ocean around Seacliff.  I'm wondering if it is a juvenile.

These photos were taken around 6:30AM.  There is a chance that the third photo of the bird eating the berries could be a different bird, but I think it is the same one.

I've considered a Wattle Bird, which is common here.  Maybe a Common Blackbird or even a juvenile Magpie, but none seem quite right. Note that the pink colour in the second photo came out in the conversion of the file to a smaller version.  The bird did not really have pink feather tips.

Thanks for the help!


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Looks like a scruffy Little Wattle bird, you may be right in suspecting juvenile, and I am not an expert, particularly in SA birds. We have LWB here in Tassie, and I am also familiar with them. The other suspect might be a juvenile or non breeding common Starling. That, like a common Blackbird would be smaller than a Little Wattle Bird.

Hopefully someone else will have a better idea.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Little Wattle Bird, I'd say, & probably a fairly young one, tgold. Those "berries" are the dried fruits or seed capsules of a Eucalyptus species, not local to Seacliff I wouldn't think. The bird isn't eating the capsules but it might use its bill to get at insects which have taken refuge inside the opening to the capsules. Take a careful look at a few of the capsules & I think you'll find some Little Wattle Bird tucker. Wattle Birds rely on insects as well as nectar from those flowers in your photo.

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Thank you for the help here!  I'll check out the tree again next time I'm on the trail.

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