Buff-breasted Button Quail

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Buff-breasted Button Quail

I was reading about the Night Parrot out of interest and found out that there is another extremely cryptic bird, the Buff-breasted Button Quail. It is now (since the Night Parrot was photographed) the only Australian bird species that hasn't been photographed. It probably hasn't got much attention as the Night Parrot because it is a more 'normal' bird, it isnt nocturnal, its not a parrot plus there has been occasional sightings of it whereas the Night Parrot was thought to be extinct. It lives in northern Queensland. It is listed as endangered. I think it is very interesting.

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I admire your curiosity, kaka. It prompted me to drag The Australian Bird Guide from the shelf to find out something about this species. 

It seems little is known about the Buff- breasted Buttton-quail. E.g., nothing is known about its weight or what the juveniles look like. But the Guide has information about its habitat. It’s endangered by inappropriate fire regimes which allow woody weed invasion.

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