Bush Cuckoo & Brown Cuckoo Dove.

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Bush Cuckoo & Brown Cuckoo Dove.

It's amazing what you see if you take the time to sit outside and just watch the birds, especially before sunset when they are hungry and looking to feed.

Last Sunday I thought I was looking at one of the many Wattlebirds that hang around here but the characteristics were wrong.  Turned out it was a Bush Cuckoo after closer checking with the binocluars, the bird was perched on my high wood pile and zoomed off only to return with a large caterpillar or grub.

On Friday I was reading the paper on the verandah and a pigeon landed in the Rosella's feed tray, only it wasn't a pigeon, my bird guide states it as a Brown Cuckoo Dove.  This bird is very assertive and promptly made the King Parrot's and Crimson Rosella's move aside whilst it took it's share of the seed.

Two new bird species in a week, and pity the survey is over...

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