Cairns Trip

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Cairns Trip

On the Qld Labour day public holiday weekend I went with a mate up to Cairns. Can I just say wow! Even though a lot of species had left, I still managed to get 20 new species of birds as well as upgrade a few photos of other birds, like the Radjah Shelduck.

Not only did we go birding but I also photographed gliders, possums, Tree Kangaroos, Rock Wallabies and Butterflies.

Here are just a few of the photos I managed to get over the weekend.

Olive-Backed Sunbird - These guys are so tiny and were everywhere, especially in the Botanical Gardens. They sound like little machine gins going off.

Crimson Finch - I thought we had missed these but managed to find a group at Cattana Wetlands.

Red Boobook - While technically a subspecies of our Southern Boobook, these guys sound different and are smaller.

Pupuan Frogmouth - One of the highlights was this chilled Papuan Frogmouth. He was at eye level and just sat there for ages. 

Lesser Sooty Owl - Another Highlight was this little one. The had a hollow nearby with noisy chicks demanding food. I did see the male with a rodent of some kind but didn't manage to a shot of it.

Squatter Pigeon

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Wow. All would be new for me too.

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Wonderful photos - such beautiful and amazing birds. Thats a great trip and great result with such amazing photos and good tally of new sightings. Thanks so much for sharing your photos here.  

Love the Lesser Sooty Owl photo - wonderful pose with it gripping onto the end of the branch.

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You have got the top shelf Devon. I have seen the Sunbirds around Mackay but unfortunately I didn't have the camera, top stuff.

The nearest we have is the Eastern Spinebill.

I love the Frogmouths expression.  Smiley?

Finches are always on the must have list.


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great pics. how hard it is to do birding up there/get around/find places?

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I love the photo of the Crimson Finch.  Spectacular.


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Thanks for the comments guys.

maxhr we just hired a car. My mate new where to go but all the birding spots were standard places. Cairns Botanical Gardens, Cattana Wetlands and the esplanade were the 3 we went to in Cairns.In fact other than the Sooty and the Squatter Pigeon, all the rest were taken in Cairns.

Atherton is the really good spot to go. Curtain Fig & Chambers Wildlife Lodge Atherton were fantastic.

At the lodge they put honey in the trees at night in the veiwing area and the sugar gliders come down to eat. Spectacular.

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Absolutely incredible set Dev

That sooty owl shot and the crimson finch are brilliant  

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

Annie W
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Oh wow, these are all amazing Devster, but that LSO is just a heart stealer, and such a cute pose.  Can't wait to see some more shots of your trip.

West Coast Tasmania

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Thanks laza & Annie. I have fixed the LSO up a bit as it was a tad flash heavy. I do have a few more shots to show but I will wait a bit before I put them up.

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Great shots, Dexter. Yet another example of the wealth of wonderful bird life we have in Australia.

The artificial feeding of sugar gliders to meet the needs of tourists is a real worry. Hopefully, those tourists will now be aware of the existence & beauty of the sugar gliders & return home to advocate for the protection & restoration of their habitat. It would be a great research project for an aspiring student to determine the effects on tourists' attitudes & behaviour towards the natural environment after the tourists have finished their touring. 

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Wonderful set Devon, looks like you a great time. Twenty new species is awesome, all of the ones posted here would be new for me. Spent 10 days up there back in 07 and visited most of those places but it was pre-birding days so didn't take a single photo of one.   :-(            


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Thanks Brian.

Yeah I have done a few trips like that pre birding days.

Oh well just have to do them again.

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