Capertee Valley birds

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Capertee Valley birds

Hi all

Spent the last couple of days in the valley and managed a lot of species invluding a few new species for me. There were are few Im not sure about. Here's my take on them (pictures 4/5 & 6/7 are the same bird)

1)Speckled Warbler

2)Brown Treecreeper

3)Some type of warbler

4/5)Brown Goshawk

6/7) No idea (maybe Golden Whistler)

Thanks in advance

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Actually now that I remember back and looks at the sequence of photos, I think pic 3 may be the same bird as pic 2

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2 & 3 are definitely Brown Treecreeper.

6 & 7 could be Jacky Winter. 

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1. Probably a heathwren, I just got Shy Heathwren on a trip to the mallee but have a look at chestnut-rumped as well

2/3 Agree with brown TC

4/5 Agree

6/7 Agree with Akasha Jacky Winter

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks so much people for the invaluable insights

Bashir Khan

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