Casting call: Sydney birdwatchers this Friday (17th June)

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Casting call: Sydney birdwatchers this Friday (17th June)

Hi all

Just got an email so thought I would post it for anyone who is interested:

We are casting an up coming television commercial in which they are looking for an ornithologist or avid bird watcher to take part. The chosen person would receive $3,000 to be in the ad, which would involve being on camera and imparting some of their knowledge about birds for the ad.


It would be shooting on the 27th or 28th of June, so interested applicants would need to be available in Sydney on these dates.


We would greatly appreciate your help with distributing the below flyer to anyone you know that might be interested that fits the brief. You can post on facebook or email out - any means to get the word out there. Happy for all ages and genders at this stage. Please get in touch if you are interested in the opportunity!


We are hoping to hold auditions this Friday (17th June) so time is of the essence. 


If you are interested - send an email with some details about your experience as an ornithologist/birdwatcher, a photo and your contact details to:


 and   @birdsinbackyards
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