Christmas Dinner

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Christmas Dinner

After we survived the "end of the world", Christmas dinner should be a breeze yes


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yes, another Y2K experience


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I'm not quite sure that's a valid comparison. :-)  Y2K at least had some basis behind it, even if the consequences were seriously misunderstood!

The next big deal is global warming.  I can't believe there are still politicians denying it.  These #$$#@s should be charged with being recklessly culpable.

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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After eating breakfast with my inlaws, lunch with my family and then dinner at my inlaws again, I slip into a food coma at about 9pm and don't need to eat again till new years!

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It shouldn't be long before the global heating law suits start flowing in the US, Soakes. From there they'll spread to Australia & elsewhere. The question is: Will the politicians at last start taking real action instead of the pathetic efforts so far? Based on these efforts one could be excused for thinking that we have a hundred Earths lined up ready to take the global heating refugees from this one.

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