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Yesterday, while traveling about 12 kilometers from Mt Barker & 3 kilometers from my home in SA I was totally chuffed to see at least 5 White-winged Choughs cross the road & fly into a grove of introduced trees planted near a house. 

This species is yet another of the endangered woodland birds in the Mt Lofty Ranges. I've seen a flock of Choughs on the edge of Mt Barker on 2 occasions in the last 34 years & a friend who lives near Mt Barker reported some years ago that his neighbour was trying to get rid of Choughs which were disturbing the soil his garden of non-indigenous plants. Apparently, the neighbour was unaware of the valuable service Choughs provide in aerating the soil & controlling over-population of bugs. 

I'm wondering if the small flock I saw yesterday are of the same flock(s) that I've seen over the years, perhaps refugees from near Mt Barker by the horrendous housing development & planting of exotic vegetation occurring there. My fingers are crossed that this flock will find friendly native vegetation in the area & expand its range into the revegetation which has been occurring. 

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