Crescent Honeyeater Baby??

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Crescent Honeyeater Baby??

This poor baby was chased by a mean Wattlebird, most likely his first nasty encounter. He simply fell on the ground. He was exhausted, but didn't have injuries. His eyes were shut, and I think he needed some rest, so I covered him with a towel. When I lifted it after 20 minutes, he flew off. I'm sure his parents were happy to have him back.

Now, because he has those light markings on his chest, do you think it is a Crescent Honyeater, or could it be a Lewin's? Tell me what you think?

Only took this one photo, didn't want to frighten him even more.

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It looks rather like the young crescent honeyeater which visited us a couple of years ago. I saw it from a distance of about 1m.

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