Crested Bellbirds

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Crested Bellbirds

A male Crested Bellbird from the NT.  These are very noisy when disturbed, I think they must have a very large bell in their little bodies.


Nice shots .... great looking bird

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You did well to spot them. When I went to Bowra you could hear them everywhere, but was only lucky enough to spot them once. They are a nice looking bird. Very different Bellbird sound to the Bell Miners we get here in Bris.

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Great find. Not one I have seen.


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I just returned from a camp in the mallee and this is one of the few that I missed although the call was pointed out to me a few times

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Nice photos Doug, another new one for me as well.

He probably pretty noisy as he doesnt want to get another bracelet for his leg : )

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