Crumb Weed

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Crumb Weed

Crumb Weed is a low, summer-growing native herb which produces thousands of, well, crumb-sized seeds in summer. Around our house where every spring I've been mowing introduced grasses before seed-set, conditions have been improving for the germination of native herbs, particularly crumb weed. This summer, with two good rainfall bouts, crumb weed has really taken off & is now in its second seeding event. This has coincided with the return of a flock of seed-eating Red-browed Finches. I'm watching with interest to see if other seed eating bird species, such as Diamond Firetails, follow. 

Among other things this phenomenon has shown that in spite of all the introduced grasses covering our landscapes there are remnant seeds of native species waiting for the right conditions to germinate. It requires patience & persistence in applying the appropriate strategy but the long term rewards can be amazing. 

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At first I thought you were going to give advice on another pest weed (the name isn't endearing to a positive 1st impression). Glad to see all the work you have putt in paying off.

I also look forward to hearing of your success in attracting native species.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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You're right about the name, Dale. Calling a native species Crumb Weed doesn't sit well with me! 

Another native plant species which has proliferated here is Ruby Saltbush Enchylaena tomentosa. The plants are advantaged by the mowed areas but are also growing, to a lesser extent, in weedy areas. Fruiting is at this time of year & the berries are tasty to a variety of native birds. And so it is that the one or two Crested Pigeons we've had around the place for the last two or three months have been joined by another five this morning. I expect them to be joined in the feast by Singing Honeyeaters, Australian Magpies, Little Ravens, Galahs, Adelaide Rosellas, Grey Currawongs & several others. This is all without having planted one Ruby Saltbush!

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I wish you success in your work, my neighbor a couple of years ago also planted a Crumb Weed and told me about it. He had only positive impressions

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