Cute ducklings with their cat foster mum

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Cute ducklings with their cat foster mum

Just had to share this video which is  unique and extremely high on cute factor ...... nature is so amazing that anything can happen it seems...

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Too cute.  Thanks for posting this birdie , makes you think just how wonderful nature really is.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.


thanks birdie ... very sweet

Annie W
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Very sweet.  I can't believe they were suckling like that!  We fostered an adult duck for a while last year, and he lived in our cat run with them. We had a few problems with that arrangement though.  One, the cats were highly annoyed that they had to share their pool (yes, we have some that swim!), and they dealt with that by glaring, not very effectively I might add.  Two, Jim the duck tried to come up the stairs and down the tunnel into the house once, which was pretty funny to watch.  And three, it made all of the cats hideously scared of anything with feathers.  Seriously.  They never bothered him, he never bothered them, but once he got into that pool and started to have his crazy bath time, our cloistered lot freaked out and ran inside to "safety".  Funny role reversal that. laugh

West Coast Tasmania

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Ha ha ... that is hilarious Annie ..... I feel role reversals are quite common and you cant stereotype any animals .... I had  two german Shepherds who were scared witless of our cat...and he never did anything to either of them.... it was just that look !!

I have see heaps of videos of people with pet Cockatiels etc that run free around the house and the cats just play or ignore them too

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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