Dark olive coloured Rosella

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Dark olive coloured Rosella

Hi we have been seeing a pair of Rosellas in our garden .... they seem to be a dark olive green or murky brown, they seem to be adult size, but until recently we have not had this variation of Rosella.   Have not been able to get a pic yet, but does anyone know what variety they could be?  We are in the Adelaide foothills. 

We normally get Easstern rosella, and lately have had a pair or pale crimson rosellas, as well as the "murky green" pair. ...  any ideas? 

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Probably juvenile Adelaide Rosellas, debbie.

If I remember rightly Eastern Rosellas aren’t native to the Adelaide Hills or Adelaide region but, unfortunately, were released. And it’s highly unlikely you have Crimson Rosellas (although Adelaide Rosellas are a subspecies of the Crimson Rosella). Rather, they’re probably adult Adelaide Rosellas with dark orange fronts. Adult Adelaide Rosellas can vary a lot in colour. E.g., those in the lower Flinders Ranges have quite pale, almost yellow, fronts. 

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