David Attenborough Live

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David Attenborough Live

Husband and I splurged and went along to see David Attenborough at the State Theatre in Sydney last week - what an extraordinary man. He has lived an amazing life and it was wonderful to listen to him talk about his career and the incredible moments he has witnessed and shared with us all. They did a Q and A at the end and I wished it went longer, I would have loved to hear his opinions on a whole range of topics. Ray Martin lead the interview - I am not a Ray fan, but he was less obstrusive than I expected. Honestly some of it felt a little forced (they showed footage of some film students gushing about how he changed their lives - it just didnt suit his style), but on the whole it was a wonderful experience.

For those in Sydney, at the end of October there are going to be a couple of concerts at the Opera House - the Blue Planet and another of his shows set to music.

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