Demise of the Macquarie Marshes

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Demise of the Macquarie Marshes

Just finished watching a documentary that showed how these wetlands in western nsw have been destroyed by the cotton industry. Once this area was alive with countless bird species, not so anymore, it's totally dead and lost forever. What have any of the politicians do about it? Absolutely Nothing. 

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I read that the MacQuarie Marshes made something of a comeback after the breaking of the so-called millennium drought so I'm interested to read your comment, doublebar. 

It's a huge risk to the environment when cotton growers are allowed to run riot. The water-guzzling cotton industry needs to be kept well away from Australia, the driest continent outside Antarctica & yet both major political parties are intent on "opening up" northern Australia to development with cotton growing a significant player, no doubt. It is passing strange that politicians seem so intent on wrecking Australia's natural environment, the very thing that enables an economy to be healthy.

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Doublebar - can you remember the program name and/or channel so that I can follow up as like Woko I recall hearing that it was all good


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Sorry I don't remember either but if you look on YouTube you might find something. All I know is that the habitat has been altered by man's activities and it has changed forever at the expense of the flora and fauna of the area.

For Australian birds, natives=life, exotics=death, so do them a favour and go plant some natives and save their lives.

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