Disposing electronic waste without damaging the environment

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Disposing electronic waste without damaging the environment


This is my first post. I thought of discussing something useful with everyone here. 

Electronics has become an inevitable part of life now. Everyone has at least one electronic item at their home now. Once they are used up, disposing them safely is very important. If not disposed properly, it can damage the environment and thus will disturb the natural habitat of many animals and birds.

Here is a blog https://junkit.ca/blog/5-tips-disposing-e-waste/ giving tips on disposing used up electronic goods.

I hope you find it useful.

Thank You

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Important thinking & information, Emma. Thanks.

It seems to me few Australians, least of all our politicians, make the connection between everyday living & the natural environment so your post is most timely. Or perhaps it’s too late because the natural environment is now well off the radar of nearly everybody, most of all of our politicians. But we must, in the words of Jesse Jackson, keep hope alive. 

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