Do Yellow Honeyeaters kill Wrens?

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Do Yellow Honeyeaters kill Wrens?

Hi There,

I'm hoping someone can assist with a question regarding blue wrens in WA.

I’ve recently moved in to house on a few acres in the SW of WA. I was delighted to find 6 pairs of blue wrens were living in the front yard.

Over the past 6 months I’ve noticed the population of yellow honeyeaters has grown considerably. Recently I noticed the wrens were no longer frequenting my yard and then found the remains of a male... I’m guessing that is the reason for their departure and I have been wondering whether the honeyeaters are the culprits. Coincidently I saw a fairy wren fly into my garden this morning where there were 12 or more honeyeaters and they quickly went after the Ween attacking it. I was able to intervene allowing the wren to escape. This process repeated several times before the wren was able to clear the area.

I know cats are common culprits but would appreciate some thoughts on whether the honeyeaters do kill wrens?

Many thanks,


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I haven’t heard of or observed honeyeaters killing wrens. I have noticed honeyeaters occasionally threatening wrens by flying at them & snapping their bills. This is probably domination of space. As far as I know wrens occupy a quite different ecological niche from honeyeaters so wouldn’t provide competition for resources - apart from space perhaps. 

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