Dollar Bird

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Dollar Bird

Went for a walk along the Myola Court boardwalk this morning and looking back into the Coombabah Wetlands spotted this bird high in the trees. Believe it is a Dollar Bird. These birds arrive in Australia in the early part of October and stay until March. So this chap is right on time.


Nice find - lovely colourful bird. I have seen a few reports of them arriving around Sydney. 

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I just spotted the very first Dollarbird back to the ACT 4 hours and 22 minutes ago

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Hi WD and Ryu. Good stuff. I really like these birds. At our last house on the Gold Coast they would perch on the power lines. I guess they may have been resting enroute to their final destination somewhere along the East Coast. Cheers Murray.

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