Eastern Long-necked Turtle ?

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Eastern Long-necked Turtle ?

At least I hope that's what they are? Saw these this morning on a local Berwick lake. There were a few enjoying the sun sitting on some rocks in the middle of the lake. People have always told me about them, but I saw them for the first time. (are they native to Australia? Or have people dumped pet turtles in the lake?)

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It certainly looks like an Eastern Snake-necked Turtle (or Eastern Long-necked Turtle), M-L which is native, not to say they are not also escapees! At least they are in the right habitat.yes

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They are very common in farm dams, and often seen crossing the road so a lot get squashed. You have to be careful picking them up because they keep some putrid water in their shell and squirt it out when alarmed. very stinky!

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