Estuary Bird

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Estuary Bird

First sighting of a bird in the teatree forest beside the Mount Martha estuary.  Iridescent blue-green wings, olive green head and body, pale chest and belly, and stripes on the underside of the tail.  Approximately 16cm.  I’ve come up with Shining bronzewing cuckoo but the I didn’t see stripes on the belly.  Can the juvillies have strong coloring on their wings?  Cheers

AJ Anderson
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Juvenile Shining Bronze-Cuckoo's wings are generally duller, not as iridescent.

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo are similar and can can show a whiter, less stripey belly...

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Thanks for your reply.  I’ve had a look at photos of both.  The wing colour was quite striking (that’s what caught my eye), I just didnt notice any barring on the belly/chest.  Hoping to catch another look at one! 

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