Every Bird Counts! (With one or two exceptions...)

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Alex Rogers
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Every Bird Counts! (With one or two exceptions...)

I know, I know, we are not playing for sheep stations - but its cool to have at least some parameters to the game, and the key one is - EBC! 

Every Bird Counts (EBC) - as long as it is clearly identifiable.

So lets agree on what that means. To my mind, no matter how bad the quality of the shot, it should be clearly identifiable as the bird in question. Sometimes the photo might need to be supplemented by other information to support that (say, the photo is clearly a Frogmouth, you photographed it in Melbourne, therefore it is a Tawny and not a Papuan or Marbled Frogmouth). But generally, the photo should show enough detail to make it identifiable. If it doesn't, maybe consider not claiming it and trying to take another photo later. 

Does that sound reasonable?  

(Crap Bird Photography is always an option for those rejects :-) )

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Agree Alex.

I won't claim a bird unless someone with some experience can agree with the ID from my photo.

Previously we have seen members with more experience providing guidance where a photo has been identified incorrectly. This is more about learning and increasing knowledge.

I am certainly happy to replace or withdraw photos which are in dispute as to ID.


Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Sounds good, and I love Crap Bird Photography, such a great FB page :-) 

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Sounds good and fair to me. Happy to give guidance if I can but quite ready to be corrected when I get it wrong (don't post when tired, Sue!) ... a great learning tool for us all. Let us all enjoy the experience and the wonderful birds.

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Just wanted to say to our members in Victoria, stay strong and stay safe. We are thinking of you.

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Thanks Sue.

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Yes, indeed. I was impressed by the creativity of Victorians at the MCG when rained halted play in a one day match between the West Indies & Australia. Out came the pens, birthday cards & writing pads for a feast of writing. No time wasted in the stands. A similar approach to covid lockdowns will see you guys through, I'm very confident. All the very best. 

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