Feral cats threaten Scottish Wildcats

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Feral cats threaten Scottish Wildcats
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You are digging up some interesting articles to-day Zosterops. Two surprises here for me. I'm amazed that there are any Scottish Wildcats still alive to-day, I had thought they had all gone the way of the Dodo years ago when they introduced the dreaded myxomatosis to cull the rabbit population.

And secondly the comment about the UK being, "one of the least wooded countries in Europe". That is a sad state of affairs, if it's true. 

It's no wonder no-one in Britain knows what a Nightingale sounds like if there's no habitat left for them to live. 

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Interesting read


Perhaps thay have found refuge in Australia. I have seen a cat as big as a cattle dog in central Simpson Desert.  Gues it would be the wrong climate however.  

None the less it's sad that another animlal is pushed to endangured levels or extinction again by human activity.      

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