Fig Bird ?

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Fig Bird ?

I apologise for all the branches in the way, but this bird was a bit timid.

I was attracted by a different song to the usual collection.
I'm not usre if it is a juvenile Fig Bird as it seems to have the red male eye rings, but female chest pattern. The back was green.  Or is it something else ?

It seems to have too much eye colour for other orioles or thrushes.

The Fig birds usually arrive at our place (Maitland NSW) in early Aug, but I have never seen the red eye and speckled chest on the same bird before.

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Yes......looks like a juvenile. I have only seen one of these, but not with the red ring.


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I think that it must be an immature Figbird i.e. not a juvenile but not yet an adult. Does that make it a teenager?


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