Fire Effects

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Fire Effects

I was saddened to learn that my worst fears may be confirmed: the Glossy Black Cockatoos on Kangaroo Island may have been wiped out in the fires there, along with the Kangaroo Island Dunnart. It will be interesting to learn if any of the Glossy Black Cockatoos have managed to escape to the nearby mainland where there have been extensive efforts to re-establish their preferred food source, Drooping Sheoak Allocasuarina verticillata. 

As well, there are media reports that 50% of the island's koala population of an estimated 50,000 have been wiped out. This species is not native to Kangaroo Island & has caused enormous damage to the native vegetation so this event is probably a good thing, notwithstanding that they are  cute, cuddly creatures. 

I do hope that BirdsinBackyarders living in or near fire zones are safe & have suffered nil or negligible losses. We live in momentous times. 

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The news from Kangaroo Island was so sad as were the reports from all over the fire zones of the devastation affecting people and creatures. Not sure how and if this land can recover but let us hope so. As Woko says, we hope that all of you are safe.

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