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Good luck to everyone living close to the fires in the Adelaide Hills. Hope you are all going to be fine? Woko, do you live close by?? Stay safe!!

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On the edge of the Hills and our seats, Araminta. And thanks for your thoughts. It'll be hot your way, too, so I hope you'll be safe & sound.

We're well prepared with a fire fighting hose & pump which we can quickly attach to our rainwater tank. We also have two sprinklers set to wet down the shrubs on the north side of the house. But if the power goes off they'll be as useful as a refrigerator under an igloo verandah. As well, I've mowed well out from the house to minimise the chances of a grass fire getting into the trees & shrubs close to the house. My strategy has been to mow before the feral grass seeds mature with the result that much of the open area has mosses & low herbs, some of which are native & green in summer. I've also encouraged the regeneration of a number of low indigenous native shrubs which are fire resistant, partly because of their high salt content. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, so we each have a bag packed with a laptop computer & a pair of underpants ready for any eventuality.

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