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Rick N
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First Sighting

My first sighting of a White-backed Swallow.

Lovely little bird that I had never heard of. Have many here seen them?, my book says they are fairly common.Photos are pretty average but show a little of the lovely colouring.

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What a pretty little bird! smiley In the last shot he/she seems to be saying "Did you get the shot?" smiley

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Can't say I have seen one of these before . Many take a drive tomorrow (as this weekend is a long weekend) up to Lancelin and Jurien as my bird book tells me they can be found there. Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me to find one now .

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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Well done catching these in flight,love #2 where he`s in Stealth Bomber mode.

Shooting Birds with a Canon.


Not seen one - so thanks so much for posting the pics Rick.

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Great shots ,I like them all and you managed to show him from different angles so we can get a good look at him .

Again you had me reaching for the field guide to see how far I would have to traval to try and find one, thanks for sharing .

Definitely on my must see list !

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not on my seen list, but on my target list for a little trip planned for July


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Lovely to see these.  I don't think I've ever seen this bird around.  Will have to look up to see where they live.

Brisbane southside.

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