A First for me and another one off my list :))

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A First for me and another one off my list :))

This morning i had 4 Female/Immature Satin Bowerbirds in my back garden (which was a thrill in itself) but when they flew off Mister Satin Bowerbird appeared. I have never seen one before and it did take a second for the light bulb to come on
woo hoo :))

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Yay for you Myky.....I had my first with these a few months ago and it was a wonderful experience. Like you it took a minute for the light bulb to go on and realise that they were the same kind of bird !
Nice to get a good look at both sexes like this ...well done .

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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I can sense the excitement in your post! Well done and may you have many more wonderful encounters. :-)


thank you birdie & Windhover :))

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Good find Myky. I really like bowerbirdsand it is great to see them.

Cheers, Owen.

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