Flame Robins on the Rebound?

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Flame Robins on the Rebound?

Another sighting of a Flame Robin (this time a juvenile male) at our place in SA this morning. This comes on top of a report from a woman in our neighborhood of a male Flame Robin. 

These sightings come on top of last year's sighting of a Flame Robin at our bird bath. Prior to that it had been a number of years since we'd had sightings of this species. 

Is this indicative of random movements of Flame Robins which are autumn/winter migrants to SA from the eastern states or are conditions of whatever form now more favorable?

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Hopefully their numbers are growing, and are able to widen the distribution. Robins seem to be seen more often this year than previous here in Tassie. 
Perhaps conditions are more favourable? Let's hope the trend continues, not only for robins, but all native species.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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