Flock of Welcome swallows, tree martins AND fairy martins?

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Flock of Welcome swallows, tree martins AND fairy martins?

So I recently got back from a trip to Venus Bay (near Inverloch) in Victoria. I took a few photos of flocks of (what I assumed) to all be welcome swallows. On looking back through the photos, I noticed that some individuals looked more like fairy martins and tree martins. I don't know if there are ever variations in colour among welcome swallows but do know that it isn't uncommon for flocks of different species to gather.

I've combined pictures of what I assume to be each species. Could someone confirm or correct me? Also, is it worth looking for other species among this flock?

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You are correct. I have seen on a number of occasions flocks containing all 3 species, although infrequent and not consistent between visits to the same location.

No additional species come to mind that may be seen mixed in among Swallows

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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