Frog ID needed

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Shirley Hardy
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Frog ID needed

I live in Tenterfield, NSW and I read online somewhere that this frog species is not local to my area. It appears, if I can remember correctly, indigenious to the Sydney region.

Anyway, the frog is a light purple-grey colour with bright yellow markings underneath it and on it's legs and has a white underbelly. It has medium sizes bumps (warts, I guess) along it's back. It is approximately 17cm in length. It is not a toad. 

This summer just gone the frog in the photo had babies (just 2 actually that managed to survive a decent size). There was a much smaller, similiar coloured frog minus the warts. Both the males and females look different, not only in size but it seems the females have more back warts than the males.

This frog species has made the property I live on their home all year round except when the female lays eggs or mates. They hibernate underneath the grass.

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This might help identify your frog,

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Very cool find!

Looks like an Eastern Banjo Frog or Pobblebonk. 

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